Long form content is anything longer than 3-5 minutes

In today’s digital age, video content is everywhere. Videos are now a crucial part of any effective marketing strategy and can be used to communicate messages quickly and effectively. But what about long form video content? Is it still relevant in this high-paced, short attention span world we live in? Let’s explore the pros and cons of creating long form video content.

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“Long-form content takes a long time to write and make. Make it worthwhile”

Benefits of Long Form Video Content

Long form video content can give your audience an opportunity to get to know you better. It also allows you to dive deeper into a topic or issue, giving them more information than they may have received from shorter videos or articles. Additionally, long form videos can help build trust with the viewer as they get more familiar with who you are, what your brand stands for, and how you go about solving problems. This can result in increased customer loyalty and even sales conversions over time.

Long form video content can also offer a good return on investment (ROI). Despite taking longer to produce than shorter videos, longer videos have the potential to reach more people if done correctly – especially if it’s placed strategically on social media platforms like YouTube or LinkedIn. The more people that watch your content, the higher chance you have at generating leads through organic traffic or targeted ads.

Long form content also allows for you the opportunity to re-purpose and break down the content into digestible “bite-sized” pieces for various social media platforms

Challenges of Long Form Video Content

The biggest challenge associated with long form video content is production time. As previously mentioned, creating longer videos takes much longer than their shorter counterparts because there are more details involved when crafting stories and scripts. Additionally, producing quality long form video content requires a greater monetary investment as well since there are usually multiple crew members involved whose talents must be compensated for their work. Lastly, staying focused on a single topic throughout the entire duration of a long-form video could prove difficult as viewers may become bored easily due to its lengthier runtime. Luckily, efficient film production studios and strong marketing agencies have mastered the art of production and can keep costs down while producing high-quality content relevant to your target audience.

Attention Span on the Decline

Viewer attention span on most videos online these days is declining by the day but that doesn’t mean long form video is dead. There are many platforms that are still very friendly to long-form content like YouTube and LinkedIn. With marketing knowledge of funnels, you can become strategic at where your client encounters your short-form and your long-form content. Retention is the name of the game and the key metric when it comes to how well your videos are performing for your business and typically the more accurately and timely you can provide the answers that your client is looking for at their respective stage of the customer journey, the longer they will engage with your content and the more likely they are to make a purchase from you.


Ultimately, whether or not you decide to create long form video content should depend on your business needs and goals. Longer videos can provide an effective platform for reaching out to new customers while deepening relationships with existing ones but require greater production time and resources that may prove challenging for those with limited budgets or manpower . However, if done correctly – by providing valuable information in an entertaining way – long form video content could be just what your business needs to stand out from the competition!

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