About Us

Nine Mile Creative was named after the birthplace of legendary reggae artist and musician, Bob Marley, because we embody the essence of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. As such, we live harmoniously on the right and “creative” side of the brain, helping our clients channel their passions, missions and values through branded video content that converts


At Nine Mile Creative, our mission is to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs and businesses share their stories and amplify their voices through impactful content marketing. We believe that storytelling has the power to captivate and connect with audiences, while also driving conversions and building influence. Our goal is to empower those with a mission larger than themselves, so they can create positive change in the world.


We endeavour to be the go-to marketing agency for entrepreneurs who appreciate getting actively creative and are also performance conscious. Our vision is to bring the fun back into sales and marketing and to be THE creative marketing agency to work with and THE one to choose to fall back in love with your business with. 

Meet the Team

Acie Tran

Creative Director and Founder

Tuan Nguyen

Story and Brand Director

Hossein Keyhanpour

Lead Editor