Why podcasts are important for a business.

Podcasts have become a popular method of discussing topics in the digital age. As a business owner, you can leverage this platform to increase your visibility and connect with potential customers. Here’s why being a guest on a podcast is so useful for your business.

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Creating connections

Podcasts offer guests an opportunity to educate listeners about their products or services while creating meaningful connections with them. When you are on a podcast, you are part of the conversation and you can speak directly to your target audience, which increases engagement and trust. Additionally, it allows the host and guest to be more creative in how they communicate their ideas and engage with the audience. Being a guest on a podcast with the same or similar audience as your product or service allows you to reach a more qualified audience for your product or service.

Building Credibility

Being interviewed on a podcast is also a great way to establish credibility within your industry and increase brand awareness. You can use podcasts to showcase your knowledge and share insights about topics related to your business or industry that will help listeners gain perspective or valuable advice. If you have written books or articles related to your field of expertise, then appearing on podcasts gives you an opportunity to plug them as well. I recommend discussing beforehand with the host to ensure that he or she asks the right questions that set you up for success in demonstrating your authority. A great place to start is to provide a list of questions to the host that your best and dream clientele ask you on a regular basis.

Reaching New Audiences

Finally, podcast interviews can help expand your reach by connecting with new audiences who may never have heard about you before. While having an online presence is important for any business these days, appearing as a guest on podcasts will give potential customers another way of discovering who you are and what you do without needing them to search for it online. Plus, when they hear firsthand experiences from other people who have used your services (i.e., the host) they may be more likely to consider using yours too!

Delivery of your Message

Most people aren’t trained professional speakers, therefore delivering your key messaging on a podcast may come off as more natural and calm. Having a conversational tone and allowing for back and forth allows you to truly demonstrate your expertise beyond just memorising a few lines and translates well with audiences that are interested in hearing your message and learning more about your offer.

Repurposing of Content

This one is our favourite here at Nine Mile Creative. We do not believe in wasted efforts and we aim to squeeze the juice out of every activity we undertake. A podcast is what we consider long-form content and it is very useful for very engaged audiences who really want to do their research before making an important decision. The problem is that this group of people account for a very small portion of your sales pipeline, in fact, on average only 1 to 3% of people are usually in “buy-now” mode for your business. What do we do with the remaining 97 to 99 percent of the audience? Instead of wasting more money on filming additional content, we can ask the host for permission to use and repurpose the content by breaking it down into “bite-sized” pieces perfect for social media.


Overall, there are many benefits that come with being featured as a guest on a podcast for businesses looking to reach new audiences and build credibility within their industry. By taking advantage of this platform, businesses will be able to create connections with their target audience while increasing their visibility in the digital space at the same time! So if you haven’t already considered appearing as a guest on a podcast then now might be the perfect time to start!

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